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General Questions

– For the Full-Feature & Close-Up Feature Performances, I recommend a 45 minute show; however, this can be as short as 20 minutes to as long as 75 minutes.
– For the Magical Master of Ceremonies, I will perform approximately 30-45 minutes worth of material split up throughout the event.
– For the Mingling Miracles Strolling/Roaming Entertainment, it is recommended that you have me perform for a minimum of 2 hours standalone or 1 hour as an addon to any of my stage performances. I recommend 1 hour of Mingling Miracles per 60-100 guests in order to make sure that everyone can experience some entertainment. That said, it is not a requirement.

Contact Me if you need something specifically tailored to your event.

– For Mingling Miracles, I am completely self contained and carry all of my material on my person.
– For the Close-Up Feature Performance, if there is already going to be a sound system in place (DJ, Venue System, etc.), I will bring my wireless headset microphone to plug in to the existing system; otherwise, I have an amazing and compact battery operated Sound System that I can provide for my performance. It is great for audiences up to 100 people.
– For the Full-Feature & Master of Ceremonies Performances, I will provide a very simple Event Rider which you can follow to make my performance at your event a complete success. Please Contact Me to get a copy of the rider. (Don’t worry, the word “rider” might scare you into thinking I am going to request 4000 blue M&Ms and a bottle of Dom Pérignon. That’s not the case. The rider is simply a set of easy adjustments to follow to make sure that the event is a complete success.)

From living rooms of 20 people to stadiums of 2000; I have performed for many sizes of audiences. I have perfected a few variations of shows (so that you won’t see the same stuff if you hire me again) that pack small but play incredibly large.
Call Me and I can give you an example of what I mean… but shhh… let’s keep it a surprise for the rest of your guests.

I have performed in many venues all over the world and have no limitations to where I will perform my show. Since my shows pack small (but play HUGE), I do not have any special airline baggage requirements. If you do require me to travel to your location to perform, I will provide an all inclusive quote for travel, accommodations & performance. That said, if you are flying others in for your event already and have a special discount worked out for air and hotel, I will adjust the quote accordingly.

Performance Questions

I never… EVER… make anyone feel uncomfortable during any of my performances. Those who have been lucky enough to be chosen to assist me in a performance never feel as though they’ve been “tricked”; instead, they feel a sense of “How did you do that!” I often have repeat clients mention that they are still baffled about X routine that I had performed at their event years prior.

Regarding the Comedy aspect of the performances… I never make fun of anyone besides myself. Due to the nature of my clean, self-deprecating comedy; I have also never been “heckled”. Many times, audience members will say certain things during my performance (it’s a given since Illusion/Mentalism shows involve heavy audience participation); and I encourage that. My quick wit involving your co-worker/friend/family member, makes the show more memorable for all and makes that person feel quite special (but not made fun of).
Primarily, my shows are meant for adult audiences and are not very entertaining for children under 12 years old. The exceptions to this are Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and Festival events with a Family audience where I have perfected Performances for those audiences.

That said, there are often children present at many of the adult events I perform at, and many of the routines I perform will be fully enjoyed by the children present. If you happen to hire me for my Mingling Miracles Performance add-on and there are children present in the audience; I will be sure to make them feel special by performing some up close Magic Tricks that they will thoroughly enjoy.
NO! Although my performances are meant to be enjoyed by adult audiences; they are politically correct and suitable for all ages and audiences.

I would never say or do anything that would put your reputation at risk by hiring me.
NO! This may seem unreasonable; however, it is a guaranteed way to waste your money.
Being a very visual performance with high amounts of audience participation; it is never recommended to have me perform for guests who are busy looking down at their plates.
The best time for my Full-Feature or Close-Up Feature stage performances are when dessert and/or coffee/tea are being served.
The best time for Mingling Miracles performances is during cocktails.
That said, exceptions can be made (every event is unique) and you can Contact Me if you were considering a different time.
Although I have listed various Show Types to choose from; they are only an example of the typical performances I do.

I have performed my art for many unique situations including:
Trade Shows, Sales Meetings, Keynote Speeches, College/University Frosh Weeks, Holiday Parties, Private Parties, Golf Tournaments, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Theatres, TV Show/Movie/Commercial Consultations (when that thing floats, it’s usually a magician who can make it happen), TV Shows, Movies, Commercials, and more.

If you think I may be able to help make your project better, Contact Me Now.
When people typically think of a “Magician”, thoughts of a man at a Children’s Birthday Party… wearing a Tuxedo and Top-Hat… holding a Magic Wand… with a Bunny Rabbit appearing from the hat… tend to come to mind. Magicians also tend to perform tricks with very obscure objects… “Watch how I make this 18th century stopwatch vanish in this colourful silk handkerchief with this magic wand!”.
I perform in stylish corporate attire with everyday objects.

Also, the word “Magic” is defined as something paranormal or supernatural that cannot be explained by science.
Instead, I perform feats that “appear” to be magic; however, there is a scientific explanation to what I do. It is the “illusion” of magic; therefore, I’m best described as an “Illusionist (but don’t worry, you can call me a Magician… I don’t mind).
A Mentalist is a psychological entertainer who uses our 5 senses to create the appearance of a 6th sense. The sense of premonition; reading minds, inception (putting thoughts into someone’s mind), etc.

Unlike a typical Mentalist, my routines involve something that I like to call “Magical Mentalism”. Magical Mentalism is very visual and more than just “You’re thinking of the Ace of Diamonds!”
Since I’ve performed at many Comedy Clubs and have had Comedy training; my performances have an authentic comedic spin on them.

Many Magicians who bill themselves as a “Comedy Magician” use stock “1-liner” style jokes that will get the audience to chuckle. My comedy is completely original, and is intended to make the audience laugh-out-loud and more often.

Initially, I didn’t want to call myself a “Comedy…” anything to not be associated with the “Dad” style jokes that Magicians typically use; however, I am constantly being told by guests who experience my performances that I am much more of a “Comedian who does Magic” than just a funny entertainer.

Performance Fees & Other Details

In order to secure my performance at your event; I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. If plans happen to change; I will hold your deposit for up to 1 year from the original event date to be used towards a future event.
Yes. I have performers insurance for $1M and can provide a copy of the policy at your request.
Unfortunately, this is not something that can be easily answered without having more information about your event. There are various factors involved when determining a rate including the performance type(s), audience size, travel requirements, time of the year, day of the week and time of the day. Every performance is custom tailored to your event and audience. Please Contact Me to check my availability and get a quote.
I do not encourage or expect any tips from guests at events. Sometimes, a guest will be adamant about giving me a tip. If they continue to insist after being told that it is not at all necessary; I will graciously accept it so as to not offend them.

If the event host/planner is more than pleased with the performance and would like to offer a gratuity, I will happily accept it. That said, it is not at all expected.

If you would like to see if I am available for your event, you can either call me at 1 (888) ROBT-416 [1 (888) 762-8416], email me at, or fill out the Contact Form Here with as much information as you have available.

Once we determine that I am available; I will provide you with various options. You can then choose whichever you prefer and make a deposit to secure the booking. Shortly after, I will provide you with my Performance Rider and any other information needed to make sure the event is a success.
You can pay the deposit and balance via major credit card, certified cheque or money order.
If you would like to pay via a different method (cash, e-transfer, etc.) accommodations can be made.
If I knew that, do you think I’d be here?
I’d be on some beach getting a tan.
This is a common misconception…
That’s not an Illusionist…
That’s a hitman.
They’re a little more expensive.
Actually… if you call me, I will give you a live demonstration of my abilities over the phone.
Call 1 (888) ROBT-416 [1 (888) 762-8416] now to be amazed.